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GoodayOn is an efficient and reliable gig marketplace that provides high-precision gig matching for domestic help and home repair services in Ethiopia.

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About GoodayOn

GoodayOn is a digital gig marketplace that provides a platform for blue and pink-collar (traditionally women) gig workers in Ethiopia, to offer their services to customers seeking domestic help (cooking, cleaning, babysitting) and home repairs. The platform connects customers with skilled and reliable gig workers through a mobile application and a call center. GoodayOn’s services are designed to provide convenience, affordability, and quality for customers by leveraging technology for high-precision matching based on location, qualification, and rating.

Whether you are a big company with thousands of employees, an individual employer looking for help around your home or a small business, Gooday is equipped with industry leading tools and capabilities to  fulfill your labor requests efficiently.

You can contact me directly and learn more about Gooday and our services. መልካም ቀን!

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Tigist Afework

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We Provide Innovative Solutions You Can Count On

Client-centric Services

We are committed to building long-term relationships with our clients by providing them with quality services that meet their needs.

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Our team members make it their mission to go beyond delivering excellence in everything they do, they strive to meet and exceed client expectations. We believe this level of service requires commitment from all of us at every level of our organization.

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What They Say About Us

I've been registered on GoodayOn for about 3 months now and I have to say it has been amazing. I like being able to set my own hours and make my own prices. As long as you work hard and have good customer service skills you can make great money and build your clientele.


    House Maid and Cook

    GoodayOn has connected me with tremendously helpful people that helped me in coordinating deliveries, managing my vendors and helping me get things done quickly. They are reliable and trustworthy, offering a wide range of services from home cleaning to transportation.



      I used this service to replace the rear brakes on my car. The mechanic we hired was extremely professional and performed above expectations, this is a service we would definitely use again.



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