Fun Fact

The word “Gooday”, while it has a well intentioned meaning in English, also means “business” or “errand” in Amharic, spelled ‘ጉዳይ’. So we say, when someone successfully accomplishes their “Goodays” in a day, it’s a “Good Day” or “መልካም ቀን” in Amharic.

Our Story

The personal experience of our co-founder (Alem Abreha) with the challenges associated in finding domestic help, such as house maids, baby sitters and home repairs, inspired the original idea for creating a digital marketplace for gigs.

Alem went on a small research of collecting names and contact information of recommended service providers from his close acquaintances in late 2018. While gathering this information, it immediately became clear to him that almost everyone he asked for this information had to reach out to their social circles to find a good service provider, and in most cases they came short. He came to the conclusion that the lack of digital presence and connectivity for most of the services that are ubiquitously in high demand was ripe for building a highly scalable platform. 

This led to the launch of GoodayOn gig platform as a mobile application on September 11, 2020, on Ethiopian New Year, after Tigist Afework joined Alem as co-founder.

“In addition to solving the problem of finding service providers, GoodayOn is a high social impact platform, facilitating employment opportunities and creating market access for the large masses of gig workers who are in the low-economy class, often left out from digital connectivity. GoodayOn is created so that no one is left behind!”

Al Abreha

Alem Abreha

CEO, GoodayOn

Gooday Staff

Our Services

The scope of our digital marketing services are wide and varied. Please contact us to see how we can help you.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to leverage existing social and cultural values for innovation to solve social problems in Ethiopia and Africa at large.


Our Vision

Our Vision is to build a gig marketplace that empowers blue and pink collar gig workers by disrupting the informal sector.

Our Values

Help Customers to Achieve Their Success

Our customers’ success directly empowers Gooday to live up to its vision.

Innovation to Improve Living Standards

Creating innovative products and services that help improve the quality of life and are inclusive, is our priority.


We believe that every product and service should be simple and easy to use.

“Entities should not be multiplied without necessity” – Occam’s razor


Authenticity is our anchor value that ensures we live up to all of our Company values in everything we do.


We plan our mission to always have a work around playbook for the next curveball.We will use all the tools at our disposal to ensure service continuity.

Our Team

Al Abreha

Alem Abreha

Co-founder & CEO

Tigist Afework

Tigist Afework

Co-Founder & COO

Gooday Staff

Natnael Demelash

Operations Team Lead

Advisory Board

Bekure Tamirat

Bekure Tamirat



Samuel Mulugeta


Tewodros Hailegeberel

Tewodros HaileGeberel


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