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GoodayOn – Gig economy development

GoodayOn’s freelance worker technical and soft skill enhancement service is a service that aims to revolutionise Ethiopia’s gig economy and create legitimacy that will benefit both works and customers.

Ethiopian Gig Platform GoodayOn to Train 5000 Gig Workers

An Ethiopian Gig platform, GoodayOn, is recruiting 5000 gig workers in Addis Ababa for technical and soft skills improvement training. The digital platform that connects freelancers with customers to provide short-term services will recruit trainees in the areas of culinary, housekeeping, home repairs, electronic appliance repairs, maintenance, and construction finishing skills such as painting, gypsum, and aluminum works.

Gooday Online Launches Innovative Marketing Mobile App in Ethiopia

Gooday Online, a digital marketing company, launched its first innovative marketing mobile app called GoodayOn (ጉዳይ-ኦን) in Ethiopia. The app, launched in line with the Ethiopian New Year, is aimed at creating a digital space to help unleash the possibilities of gig economy for a wide range of day-to-day services in Ethiopia, the company said in a statement sent to Addis Standard.

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